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Ubiquitous Computing UbiComp

Pervasive computing research initiative pursue transdisciplinary approach in order to study human factors in ICT systems in everyday life, industry and medical applications.
For a few years now we conduct research on technology and interaction for sports. Our solutions aim at both proffesionals and amateurs. Starting in 2016 we explore drones as a mean for support for runners. We test our designs for swimmers as well. We presented our research results in journals, magazines and international conferences such as CHI (ACM Computer-Human Interaction), DIS (Design of Interactive Systems), MIDI (Multimedia Interaction Design and Innovation), Cross-surface, Persuasive, etc. just to name a few.
DroneRun badania dla biegaczy i kibiców

One of our key areas of research are persuasive systems such as SubRosa. SubRosa ensures proper silent-work conditions in public spaces with the aid of on-the-fly interactive ambient visualisation dependent on the noise level recorded within workspace.
The other system - Vertoid is an application supporting ecological change in everyday life of the users in order to reduce CO2 emissions. research on persuasive systems have already been published and designed systems were awarded at the international innovation exhibitions several times.

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